Definition of Heritage in Outer Space


1.  “Outer Space Cultural Heritage” means traces of human existence, together with their archaeological and natural contexts that occur in outer space, including on the Moon and other celestial bodies.

2.  Outer Space Cultural Heritage having a significant cultural, historical, archaeological, or other scientific character may include:

a.  objects, structures and cultural spaces;

b. a first achievement of its kind that resulted directly or indirectly from human ingenuity over broad historical periods and between diverse cultural groups, and which has had a significant impact on human space exploration;

c.  human engineered methods permitting travel, human life, community and communication beyond Earth;

d.  practices, expressions, knowledge and skills that humans create in response to, and in interaction with, their extraterrestrial environment and which give them a shared sense of humanity and continuity with life on Earth; and

e. symbolic markers in an extraterrestrial context that originate from and express human identity.


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