Messages of Peace

A small silicon disc carrying messages of goodwill from leaders of 74 countries around the world was left on the Moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts.

Each message – some handwritten, others typed – was reduced 200 times to a size much smaller than the head of a pin and appears on the disc as a barely visible dot. The disc remains on the lunar surface, protected within an aluminum capsule. The messages are reproduced below.


The Afghan people join me in most warmly congratulating the American people, particularly the intrepid astronauts and all those who have played a role in this historic and incredible journey.

The Afghan people express the hope that the expanded knowledge man now has of his universe will be used wisely in the cause of peace on earth and for the betterment of the condition of mankind.

— Mohammad Zahir
King of Afghanistan


In rejoicing together with the government and the people of the United States of America for the event of the century, I pray God that this brilliant achievement of science remain always at the service of peace and of mankind.

— Arthur Da Costa E Silva


As you prepare to undertake one of the most extraordinary feats in history, I wish to send you on behalf of the people and the Government of Colombia, a warm greeting with our wishes for the complete success of your mission. I also want to express the admiration of all Colombians for your personal heroism, for the scientists and technicians that have contributed their knowledge to this enterprise and for the great North American nation whose support has made possible a project that only yesterday appeared to be unfeasible.

Please leave on the moon along with the other objects that will bear witness of man’s first arrival to our satellite, this message, as a symbol of friendship between Colombia and the United States.

You will descend upon the moon on our national holiday, when we observe the 159th anniversary of our independence. We, in Colombia, will be honoring the memory of the patriots that changed the course of our history on the same day when you will be writing an immortal page in the annals of mankind.

— Carlos Llera Restrepo


The genius and daring of a great nation today open to mankind the secrets of a planet, which, for centuries, it has been able only to probe and to admire from a great distance, through the narrow hole of its telescopes.

Today the dream has been realized. It is thanks to the talent and sacrifices of the great American nation. But it is also thanks to that which has been achieved through the ages and centuries by the knowledge, science, and technology of men, of all men. The lunar epic of the Apollo 11 astronauts thus opens in the history of mankind a new, grandiose cycle of space exploits and gives rise to great hopes.

On this day of triumph and in this historic hour, I express personally, and in the name of the People of Dahomey, my wishes for Peace, Brotherhood, and Good Fortune for all mankind and for all men. May man’s first steps on the moon convince those on earth to vow one day soon to employ science and technology only in the service of Peace and Progress.

— Doctor Emile-Derlin Zinsou


The people of Estonia join those who hope and work for freedom and a better world.

— Ernst Jaakson
Consul General


To those coming after: We cannot tell on what future day – beings of our own kind or perhaps from some other corner of the cosmos, will come upon this message but for those coming after, we wish to record three things:

First, we salute these astronauts, the first two of our human race who with faith and courage have voyaged far beyond the familiar limits of our earthly home to the Moon. It is certain that their mission ushers in the greatest adventure of life since its primaeval beginnings on this planet, Earth.

Second, as members of our human race thus thrust among the stars, we pledge ourselves to work towards ensuring that the technology which has made it possible and the resources which may be discovered will be used for the benefit of all mankind irrespective of terrestrial divisions of race or creed or levels of development.

Third and finally, we wish to set down the facts about the people for whom I speak. We are a small nation of some 700,000 souls living on the shoulder of South America in a country some 83,000 square miles in area. Our ancestors came from nearly every corner of the planet Earth and our people today profess a variety of creeds and of ways of living. But in a world in which divisions deepen and where too often one man’s hand is set against his brother, we are proud that we have given to our time an example of how out of diversity we have made one people, one nation – with one destiny.

In working out this destiny, we have developed institutions based on the recognition of the equality of all men, forms of government in which all can participate and a system of justice which protects the weak. With the help of friendly nations, and working together, we are embarked on the challenging task of abolishing disease and poverty from our midst, and of developing our economy so that it can support a worthy level of living for our people. We have, likewise, striven hard to ensure that men everywhere are free to determine their own way of life.

We do not know what shall be the judgment of history but we would be well pleased if on some later day when this is read, it is said of us that we strove greatly to advance the dignity of all men.

— Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham
Prime Minister


May God grant that the skill and courage which have enabled man to alight upon the Moon will enable him, also, to secure peace and happiness upon the Earth and avoid the danger of self-destruction.

–Eamon de Valera


May He whose glory the heavens declare grant that mankind may grow in the knowledge of his purposes as we probe into the secrets of His universe.

— Hugh Lawson Shearer
Prime Minister


As the representative of a people and a nation of the Earth, I feel the immeasurable pride and I share the intensely felt emotion of the American people and the American Nation in the first human contact with the lunar planet.

— SRI (HM) Savang Vatthana


It is extraordinary, almost incredible that what was but an idea, even a little over a decade ago, seems now an attainable reality. Man’s imagination, ingenuity and technology have not only impelled him to look up but has also enable his to reach the celestial bodies.

The journey to the Moon which these three Americans, Commander Neil Armstrong, Colonel Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., and Lt. Colonel Michael Collins have successfully undertaken is a voyage to the celestial and these messengers of discovery represent the people of every country.

We salute these explorers of outer space and pray for their security and safety while we admire their courage and intrepidity.

I ask them to bear this message to the inhabitants of the Moon if they find any there. If they do not, it is my desire that this message be one of greetings from the people of Liberia and myself to the Moon, Nebulous satellite of the Earth.

— W. V. S. Tubman


In the name of the People and the Government of the Republic of Mali, I wish to express my warmest respect to all those who by their intelligence and by their courage have permitted man to land on the Moon, thus opening to humanity a new horizon full of promise.

Our People and our Government hope that this historic step in the march towards progress will contribute essentially to the reinforcement of peace, to the bringing together of all men and to the liquidation of misery on our planet.

— Lieutenant Moussa TRAORE
Chief of State


His Majesty King Hassan II and the people of Morocco wish to join the other nations of the world in saluting the courage of the first men to set foot on the Moon in the spirit of peace for all mankind. May this spirit of peace pervade the Earth and the advancement of science enrich the great brotherhood of men.


I express my best wishes for the Astronauts carrying out the Apollo 11 mission and for the success of this historic space journey.

— Olav R.


The age-old dream of man to cut his bonds to Planet Earth and reach for the stars has given him not only wings, but also the intellect and the intrepid spirit which had enabled him to overcome formidable barriers and accomplish extraordinary feats in the exploration of the unknown, culminating in this epochal landing on the Moon.

The Filipino people join the world in congratulating the United States or America for putting the first men on the Moon, a triumphant milestone in the conquest of space which augurs greater achievements in the broadening of man’s vision and the fulfillment of a larger destiny, within the framework of true human brotherhood and an enduring peace.

— Ferdinand Marcos


May the first direct contact of man with the Moon contribute to the fulfillment of the aspirations for progress and peace of all people on Earth.

— Nicolae Ceausescu


Man steps upon the Moon with pride, faith and hope as his inspiration and peace with progress as his objective.

— H. M. King Sobhuza II


A new page in the history of the Universe begins today: that of man’s conquest of the moon. The human epic is enriched by great scientific prowess and a new horizon is opened to the inhabitants of our planet thanks, particularly, to the success of the American technicians and astronauts.

I hope that this date, memorable to all, signifies an era of peace and accord among all men, allied to strive for the triumph of the peaceful and creative mind of humanity.

— Habib Bourguiba

Upper Volta

At a time when, transcending the terrestrial sphere and overcoming distances, man is about to dispel the mystery enveloping this world by conquering the Moon, I General Sangoule Lamizana, President of the Republic of Upper Volta, invite men of the entire earth to unite to celebrate this victory which does not belong only to one country or one people but simply to the glory of all mankind.

We hope with all our heart that this great exploit which we salute with respect and admiration will bring mankind progress and happiness in all areas and that men, feeling the universe become smaller, will strive to make the earth become henceforth a common fatherland where the sons of Adam will live united in brotherhood.

— General Sangoule Lamizana


May this majestic fulfillment of the ancient dream of the human race – man’s setting foot on the distant soil of the moon, the first neighbor of us all – bring closer the realization of the humanity’s age-long vision to live in peace, brotherhood and joint endeavor.

— Josip Tito


In the name of the Government and people of Argentina I have the honor to wish you the very best for the success of the great exploit that the brave crew of the Apollo XI is going to undertake. The effort and the risks that this extraordinary scientific enterprise demands open unlimited possibilities for the creative ability of the human spirit and it will constitute without any doubts an incentive that will commit all people in order to make a better and finer world. I present, Mr. President, my highest consideration to you.

— Juan Carlos Ongania


Man has reached out and touched the tranquil moon. Puisse ce haut fait permettre a l’homme de redecouvrir la terre et d’y trouver la paix. (May that high accomplishment allow man to rediscover the Earth and find peace.)

— Pierre Elliott-Trudeau
Prime Minister


The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo follows with constant attention the achievements of human genius in the conquest of space in order to make man its master. The Congolese people, its party, its government, and myself express our ardent wish to see Apollo 11 successfully accomplish the mission which is our own. May these victories which have cost man so much energy and sacrifice contribute to the reinforcement of cooperation among peoples and serve peace for the greatest good of mankind. Best regards.

— J. D. Mobutu


Denmark conveys, through the space pioneers, her warmest wishes that this spectacular landing on the moon may herald for all mankind a new era of peace and goodwill.

— Frederick R
King of Denmark


Today’s successful lunar landing is a momentous occasion for all mankind.  This marvelous feat is a proof of the gigantic strides man has made in the field of science and technology.  We are fully confident that this great milestone in man’s search for the unknown will give the American genius and the valiant American astronauts greater encouragement in their further probe of the solar system.   We are hopeful that the results achieved in this regard will only be used for the welfare and well-being of mankind and the great cause of the world peace.

— Haile Selassie I, Emperor


The people of Iceland convey their greeting by Apollo 11 and wish the astronauts good fortune on their historic voyage. May the great achievement of space research inaugurate an era of peace and happiness for all mankind.

— Kristjan Eldjarn


From the President of Israel in Jerusalem with hope for “abundance of peace so long as the Moon endureth” (Psalms 72,7).

— Zalman Shazar


In congratulations for the outstanding achievement of humanity’s arrival on the Moon.

— Eisaku Sato
Prime Minister


On behalf of the Latvian nation I salute the first men on the Moon and pray for their safe return.

May their achievement contribute to world peace and restoration of freedom to all nations.

— A. Dinbergs


In this twentieth century when for the first-time man has reached the Moon, Mr. Philibert Tsiranana, President of the Malagasy Republic, and the people of Madagascar sincerely wish that the marvelous accomplishments of the knowledge and courage of man will bring the world liberty, peace and progress.

May these accomplishments, their development and their consequences not be transformed into instruments of destruction but may they bring physical, intellectual and moral well-being to all living beings.

Such is the sincere desire of the Malagache people that they would like transmitted to the Moon by the American astronauts of Apollo 11.

Long live the world founded on the wisdom and knowledge that God has given to man.

— Philibert Tsiranana


On this unique and historic occasion when man first set foot on a planet outside his own, the people of Malta join the rest of the world in saluting the men whose courage and dedication, backed by the untiring efforts of scientists and countless collaborators, have made possible this new conquest in space and in the same way as Malta has advocated peace below the waters of the world she fervently prays that peace shall continue to reign in the vastness of space beyond it.

— Giorgio Borg Oliver
Prime Minister

The Netherlands

I have great admiration for the skill and perseverance of all those who have contributed to make the first manned flight to the Moon possible. I hope that this achievement will prove of great benefit for the future of mankind.

— Juliana R.


Greetings and felicitations from Pakistan to the American Astronauts who blazed a new trail for mankind by landing on the Moon. May their high venture and pioneering courage open a new era of peace and progress for the human race.

— A. M. Yahya Khan


Although we are not suggesting any message from the Polish Head of State, please be assured that the achievement of the U.S. astronauts are followed by us with great interest, appreciation and best wishes for the success in their endeavor. Sincerely,

— Jorzy Michalowski


This is a message from black militants. It is a message of human solidarity, a message of peace. In this first visit to the Moon, rather than a victory of technology we salute a victory of human will: research and progress, but also brotherhood.

— Leopold Sedar Senghor


The Thai people rejoice in and support this historic achievement of Earthmen, as a step towards universal peace.


I consider the landing of men on the moon as a sign of the beginning of a new era of which we could hardly dream until now.

Since the start of the space explorations, the Turkish nation has most ardently wished the realization of this thousand-year old dream and followed with great hope and excitement every · success in this field.

l wish to congratulate most heartily the heroic astronauts and the American people, our friends and allies, for they have spared no effort in this field and also those who have contributed to the achievement of this outstanding accomplishment from which, I am sure, mankind and our civilization will benefit for peaceful purposes.

— Cevdet Sunay


The Government and the people of Uruguay have followed with great interest the marvelous and continuing chronicle of the conquest of outer space which will culminate very soon, within a few days, with the arrival on the Moon of a manned American spaceship.

In order to express my feelings on this matter, I wish to send you, Mr. President, my most cordial congratulations on this heroic feat, which will remain one of the most outstanding achievements of our century, the fruit of courage, tenacity, and the most unshakable desire to excel.

Future generations will enjoy the positive results of this endeavor, which will benefit the entire universe. Best regards.

— Jorge Pacheco-Areco


Zambia sends from Earth through Earth’s first messengers to land on the moon – the intrepid astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins – this message of good will among men of all lands and cities: that there be harmony in all the created world.


Australians are pleased and proud to have played a part in helping to make it possible for the first man from earth to land on the moon. This is a dramatic fulfillment of man’s urge to go ‘always a little further’; to explore and know the formerly unknown; to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. May the high courage and the technical genius which made this achievement possible be so used in the future that mankind will live in a universe in which peace, self-expression, and the chance of dangerous adventure are available to all.

— John Gorton
Prime Minister


Let this important step in the cosmic conquest remain for generations to come a mark of an epoch of fellowship and of universal peace. These are the earnest wishes of the Chadian people and of its government.

— Francois Tombalbaye 

Costa Rica

I join in the wish of all Costa Ricans for the success of the historical exploit to be carried out by Apollo 11, in that it represents the scientific and technical progress attained by man in his peaceful struggle for the conquest of space and in that the crew of this ship represents human valor, will, spirit of adventure and ingenuity.

The enormous scientific and technical effort deployed in order to take the first men to the moon deserves the gratitude of mankind because from this effort will come new benefits for improving the well-being of the human race.

With faith we hope for better days for all mankind if there is later added to this successful endeavor – new determination for justice and liberty, as they correspond to the respect owed each human being and in favor of a major diffusion of love of one’s neighbor, whose efforts we can hope will be stimulated by the spirit of humility derived from a more clear and vivid awareness of the minuteness of this planet, which serves as our home in the cosmos.

As representative of the Costa Rican Nation, I extend my greetings to the heroes of Apollo 11 and to all those who are making this historical feat possible.”

— J. J. Trejos Fernandez

Dominican Republic

The Dominican People follow with growing interest the development of the space exploration program being carried out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which has extended the universal view of contemporary mankind.

In view of the historic flight of Apollo 11, set for July 16, with the spectacular mission of landing two men on the moon, I, together with the Dominican People, am pleased to send my best wishes to NASA that this new scientific exploit will attain complete success. Space science of the United States will reach new heights in the exploration of outer space.

— Joaquin Balaguer


We pray that your historic landing on the moon may usher in an era of peace and prosperity and goodwill among all men here on earth.

— Brigadier A. A. Afrifa, D.S.O
Chairman, National Liberation Council


On this unique occasion when man traverses outer space to set foot on Earth’s nearest neighbor, Moon, I send my greetings and good wishes to the brave astronauts who have launched on this great venture. I fervently hope that this even will usher on an era of peaceful endeavor for all mankind.

— Indira Gandhi
Prime Minister


The courage and the technology of the United States of America have brought to our satellite this message of the Head of the Italian Nation which prides itself to number amongst its sons Galileo Galilei, whose genius paved the ways for modern science.

The conquest of the Moon is a glorious milestone along the road of all mankind towards the achievement of peace, freedom and justice.

— Guiseppe Saragat



On behalf of all the people of Kenya, I congratulate the people of America for accomplishing arrival on the Moon. It is a very inspiring event for all mankind that we have been able to reach the Moon. It is clear that we all are brothers here on Earth and that is our obligation to cooperate together in all endeavors.

— President Kenyatta


As a final result of the combined efforts of science and technology and all to the honor of its initiators, man is reaching the Moon and is setting foot on it for the first time. At this glorious moment when man is freed from the physical constraints of the human condition, Lebanon adds her living testimonial as a land of encounter and of coexistence of many spiritual families to reaffirm her faith in the advancement of man through the virtues of peace, justice and of liberty.

— Charles Helou


The people of Malaysia join the rest of the world today in congratulating the Government and people of the United States of America on the success of the Apollo 11 mission to land man for the first time on the moon. May the knowledge gained in the efforts to fulfill this historic mission add to the wisdom of mankind in our search for the greater peace and prosperity.


Your bold venture commands admiration of government and people of Mauritius wish you God’s speed and happy perfect landing. Safe return.

— Seewoosagar Ramgoolam
Prime Minister

New Zealand

By this flight man has finally fulfilled the great ambition of setting foot on another celestial body. As Prime Minister of New Zealand I hope that the realization of this dream – so long remote – will inspire all those who set their sights high and thus bring closer the dreams we share of peace and cooperation for all mankind.

— Keith J. Holyoake


All nations of the Earth, small and large, share the wish that the arrival of the first men on the Moon will be a permanent message of peace. Panama is among the first to make this fervent wish of mankind its own.

— Colonel Bolivar Urrutia P.


The Portuguese people, discoverers of the unknown Earth in centuries past, know how to admire those who in our days explore outer space bringing mankind in contact with other worlds.

— Americo Deus Rodrigues Thomas

Sierra Leone

I send the Apollo 11 astronauts very best wishes for a successful landing on the Moon, one of the greatest achievements and triumphs of man. Their tasks in connection with this great event are extremely complex and difficult. But a successful completion of this assignment will be recorded as a remarkable landmark in the development of mankind and a victory over the forces of nature. We wish them a pleasant and successful journey and a safe return home.

— Siaka P. Stevens
Prime Minister


General Etienne Eyadem, President of the Republic of Togo, in the name of the people of Togo, participates with the United States of America and with other nations of the Earth in sending to the Moon a wish for Peace, Universal Peace, Unique and Indivisible. For and by the order of the President of the Republic.

—General Etienne Eyadem

United Kingdom

On behalf of the British people I salute the skill and courage which have brought man to the moon.  May this endeavor increase the knowledge and well-being of mankind.

— Elizabeth R.


Jahweh our Lord, how great your name throughout the earth, above the heavens is your majesty chanted.

By the mouths of children, babes in arms, you set your stronghold firm against your foes to subdue enemies and rebels.

I look up at your heavens, made by your fingers, at the moon and stars you set in place.

Ah, what is man that you should spare a thought for him? Or the son of man that you should care for him?

You have made him a little less than an angel, you have crowned him with glory and splendor, and you have made him lord over the work of your hand.

You set all things under his feet, sheep and oxen all these, yes, wild animals too, birds in the air, fish in the sea travelling the paths of the ocean.

Jahweh our Lord, how great your name throughout the earth!

Psalms 8

To the glory of the name of God who gives such power to men, we ardently pray for this wonderful beginning.

—Paul IV, Pope


Now that, for the very first time, men will land on the moon, we consider this memorable event with wonder and respect.

We feel admiration and confidence toward all those who have cooperated in this performance, and especially towards the three courageous men who take with them our hopes, as well as those, from all nations, who were their forerunners or who will follow them in space.

With awe, we consider the power with which man has been entrusted and the duties which devolve on him.

We are deeply conscious of our responsibility with respect to the tasks which may be open to us in the universe, but also to those which remain to be fulfilled on this earth, so to bring more justice and more happiness to mankind.

May God help us to realize with this new step in world history better understanding between nations and a closer brotherhood between men.

— Baudouin
King of the Belgians


May the men of our planet take to the moon a message of peace and good will from this place on Earth that is Chile.

— Eduardo Frei


Man has conquered the moon and widened his horizons. The spaceship Apollo 11 is touching down on the surface of the moon and the first human beings are setting foot on it. The landing on the moon is the culminating achievement of a great scientific effort. That which could be captured only by the boldest imagination has now become reality. With this historic event, a new era in the life of mankind begins, and further achievements in the space world are certain to follow. We express our admiration to the valiant astronauts of Apollo 11 and to all those whose work made the conquest of space possible.

We join in the rejoicing of the American nation who must feel very proud because their sons were the first humans to land on the moon.

— Archbishop Makarios


I express my sincere wishes for the success of the heroic young astronauts who, with sublime valor, will set foot on the Moon, dominating the laws of outer space and consecrating the grandeur of human understanding and good will. Best regards.

— Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra


At this historical moment, when man lands on the moon, I express on behalf of the Greek people my heartfelt congratulations to the Government of the U.S.A. and the distinguished men of the American nation, who led the way towards new horizons for the human race.

I am particularly proud speaking on behalf of the Greek nation, whose ancestors had the privilege to be forerunners in the philosophical thought and scientific research, which first penetrated the universe.

It is a happy coincidence that the amazing program of man’s flight to space, which has been so magnificently fulfilled today, bears the name of the Greek God Apollo; this symbolic name demonstrates the never-ending effort of man to achieve knowledge, beyond time and place.

The difficulties, which had once broken the wings of Icarus, are surpassed by man’s persistence in his search for truth, and he is staring from the moon at the earth, whose peace and welfare should be now, more than ever, his main preoccupation.

— George Zoitakis
Lieutenant General Regent


On this occasion when Mr. Neil Armstrong and Colonel Edwin Aldrin set foot for the first time on the surface of the Moon from the Earth, we pray the Almighty God to guide mankind towards ever increasing success in the establishment of peace and the progress of culture, knowledge and human civilization.

— Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Arymehr

Ivory Coast

At the moment when man’s oldest dream is becoming a reality, I am very thankful for NASA’s kind attention in offering me the services of the first human messenger to set foot on the Moon and carry the words of the Ivory Coast.

I would hope that when this passenger from the sky leaves man’s imprint on lunar soil, he will feel how proud we are to belong to the generation which has accomplished this feat.

I hope also that he would tell the Moon how beautiful it is when it illuminates the nights of the Ivory Coast.

I especially wish that he would turn towards our planet Earth and cry out how insignificant the problems which torture men are, when viewed from up there.

May his word, descending from the sky, find in the Cosmos the force and light which will permit him to convince humanity of the beauty of progress in brotherhood and peace.

— Felix Houphouet-Boigny


The landing on the Moon by Apollo 11 is a brilliant feat of all mankind which makes men’s dreams a reality and marks a new chapter of human history. This great achievement is a result of man’s constant striving for progress towards a brighter destiny. Now, realization of man’s adventure into yet further reaches of space seems but a few steps away.

On this historic occasion, we do solemnly pledge ourselves to work together on this Earth for the better world with lasting peace and prosperity for all mankind. Let us celebrate the first landing of men on the Moon, the symbol of eternal grace and the mirror of man’s true heart, with a new spirit which will inspire mankind to realize the ideal of civilization in which men live in justice, freedom., and unity.

— Park Chung Hee


The government and the people of Lesotho wish the government and people of the United States of America every success in their attempt to land the first human being on the moon. Our sincere warm wishes for a safe journey to and from the moon to Apollo 11 Astronauts.

— Leabua Jonathon
Prime Minister


This message of peace and goodwill from the people of Maldives came with the first men from the planet Earth to set foot on the Moon.


It is an honor for Mexico, with this most modest symbolic testimony, to form part of the event which for the first time takes man to a soil away from his home planet. And, in doing so, Mexico extends most enthusiastic congratulations to the dedicated, gallant astronauts and to the scientists and technicians, as well as, in a broader sense, to the American people and their Government for this undertaking that, hitherto, only had precedents in the realm or imagination.

Mexico’s very own emblem-its traditional seal-with the eagle and the serpent, already embodies the double sign inspiring man since his remote origins and which in a particular manner may be equated to coming humanity: the serpent is a sign of Earth and of all that holds us here; the eagle
represents flight, undaunted and far-seeing, a fearless pilgrimage which makes it possible for the legacy of the centuries to reach ever increasing circling horizons. Far from being contradictory to each other, both images are complementary and placed together reflect our temporal, earthly, nature and the visions which nurture all progress.

In 1492, the discovery of the American Continent transformed geography and the course of human events. Today, conquest of ultraterrestrial space-with its attendant unknowns­ recreates our perspectives and enhances our paradigms.

Mexico, while expressing its hope that this human accomplishment will result in good for mankind and that all the peoples on Earth will participate in its fulfillment with clear conscience of their common destiny, for the development of this new stage, offers not a power nor richness it does not possess by the moral heritage decanted from its own history: an unquenchable thirst for material and spiritual improvement and an unyielding faith in the supremacy of reason and justice as a way and an inspiration for human conduct which now has attained a new far reaching responsibility.”

— President


The arrival of man on the moon will be of great consequence for peace and for the scientific investigation of the origin of the Earth and the Solar System. This extraordinary event and this triumph of man in the application of science inspires us to think of the Creator.

“The People of Nicaragua express their most fervent wishes for the success of the flight of Apollo 11 and show their sincere and profound recognition of the People and government of the United States of America and Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin, and Michael Collins, who, by their efforts will make possible the conquest of the Moon.”

— A. Somoza


The Government and the people of Peru join in spirit the astronauts of Apollo 11 in their extraordinary trip to the Moon and express their fervent wish that the immense possibilities of the human spirit which have conquered space may be equally capable of insuring among the nations of the Earth an era of peace and justice.

— General Juan Velasco Alvarado

Republic of China

It is our sincere desire that the astronauts, upon the date of their landing on the moon, will have made a significant contribution to a world utopia and peace through the universe.

— Chiang Kai-Shek


South Africa

No human being can be unmoved by the prospect unveiled, at this historic moment in time, of man’s first landing on the Moon. Thus, man reaches out beyond the confines of his own planet, in an enterprise in which the United States of America and its heroic astronauts have opened a new dimension to human experience. I am proud of South Africa’s association from the outset with NASA’s space program. On behalf of the Government and all the peoples of the Republic of South Africa, I salute this manifestation of human courage and enterprise and express heartfelt wishes and our prayers to the Almighty for the success of this climactic project.

— Johannes Jacobus Fouche

Trinidad and Tobago

The Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago acclaim this historic triumph of science and the human will. It is our earnest hope for mankind that while we gain the moon, we shall not lose the world.”

— Eric Williams
Prime Minister

United States

The Congress hereby declares that it is the policy of the United States that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind . . .

— National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958
Signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower

We go into space because whatever mankind must undertake, free men must fully share . . . I believe that this Nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth. No single space project in this period will be more exciting, or more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish …

— President John F. Kennedy
May 25, 1961

We expect to explore the moon, not just visit it or photograph it. We plan to explore and chart planets as well. We shall expand our earth laboratories into space laboratories and extend our national strength into the space dimension. The purpose of the American people — expressed in the earliest days of the Space Age — remains unchanged and unwavering. We are determined that space shall be an avenue toward peace and we both invite and welcome all men to join with us in this great opportunity …

— President Lyndon B. Johnson
January 27, 1965


For many thousand years, the moon has been celebrated by the Vietnamese poets as a beautiful paradise. Today we already know that the face of the moon does not correspond to the imagination of ancient poets. The fact, however, that men of the earth finally set foot on the moon marks the beginning of a most beautiful adventure, because it opens broader vistas on our immense universe, and the perspectives on men’s accessibility to other worlds.

This memorable feat should bring to mankind both a sense of pride and humility: pride, because human beings by their intelligence and perseverance are now able to get beyond this earth to which they seemed to be bound; humility, because the quarrels which divide men on the earth look so petty in the context of our vast universe.

In this historical event, we prayerfully hope that the ingenuity and intelligence which God endows to men will lead toward increasing progress and brotherhood, and the widening of human horizons. We are, therefore, very happy that the first message deposited by the brave American astronauts of Apollo 11 on the moon is a message of peace for all mankind, and from all mankind, in which the Vietnamese people fully concur.

— H.E. Nguyen Van Thieu

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