Is international cooperation in outer space too lofty a goal?

Read the headlines or turn on the news these days and you might think it’s impossible for nations to come together in support of anything, never mind cooperation in space.

And yet, in 1969 – a year that wasn’t particularly peaceful on Earth – an unparalleled human achievement galvanized an outpouring of wishes and hopes that captured a sense of universal, boundless and boundaryless pride.

In “A Forgotten Disc. A Path to Peace.” published today in SpaceWatchGL, our co-founder Michelle Hanlon shares how our species’ first steps in space inspired a global expression of our yearning for peace. And why in this moment, 49 years later, we can and must come together once again, not merely as citizens of different countries, but as humankind.


#SpaceWatchGL Op’ed: A Forgotten Disc. A Path to Peace. by Michelle Hanlon

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