Project Volunteers

It is estimated there are more than 100 sites on the Moon bearing evidence of human activity.  From Russia’s Luna 2, launched to the Moon in 1959, to SpaceIL’s Beresheet, launched in February 2019, each site potentially contains scores of information of value across myriad disciplines including archeology, planetary science, engineering and education.  With guidance from members of For All Moonkind’s Leadership Board and Advisory Councils, our volunteer team is harnessing existing resources to gather and organize a more detailed and inclusive perspective of human sites on the Moon in one comprehensive and accessible database. Ultimately, the For All Moonkind team will share an account of human activity on the Moon with photographs, maps and narratives, engaging the next generation, providing a useful tool for researchers and inspiring all of humanity by providing global access to the stories of our most incredible technological achievements to date.  Our outstanding and dedicated volunteers include:

Team Lead: Nathan Molina

Nathan Molina is a second-year law student at Florida State University College of Law. Prior to law school, Nathan interned with the space consulting firm, SpaceTec Partners where he first engaged with For All Moonkind. Viewing human activity in space as a unifying endeavor, Nathan is pursuing a career dedicated to the space industry and gladly joined the For All Moonkind volunteer team.  In addition to leading the effort to gather necessary data, Nathan is also engaged in legal research into, among other things, current laws and protocols regarding the registration of spacecraft and space objects.



Shannon Lange

Shannon Lange is Curator and museum manager at Blocks to Bricks museum. Before joining Blocks to Bricks, Shannon earned her Master of Arts in Public History from Southern New Hampshire University in 2017. She joined the For All Moonkind team after hearing a presentation during the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. Her love for space and history inspired her to join the effort to preserve human heritage in space.




Nicholas Sturmthal

Nicholas Sturmthal is an incoming student at the University of Florida, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. Beginning as a research intern, Nicholas has been volunteering with For All Moonkind since 2017. His first project resulted in the development of a database of nations which host internationally recognized heritage sites of a scientific and techinical nature.  He continues to volunteer his time, thankful for the opportunity to work with space lawyers and assist in the internationally cooperative effort.




Emerson Lucas Morais de Lima

Emerson Lucas Morais de Lima is a student at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, working toward a bachelor’s degree in Library Science. He conducts administrative work for two scientific journals at UFRN, which relate to Information Science and Dentistry. Because of his interest in memory, preservation of material culture, and sources of information, Lucas views For All Moonkind as an important avenue for the development of his academic research. For him, it is extremely satisfying to cooperate with the entire For All Moonkind team to preserve human heritage in outer space.



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